About Us

M E C R E A T E S provides tools for artists to love their work and become part of a larger audience. We foster image awareness with innovative tools, such as the ability to turn set of choice images into a themed body of work on a single platform, from which all marketing endeavors flow. Artists are encouraged to develop their own brand—rather than becoming part of anyone else's. Custom art objects are showcased alongside artist's original works. We help build expanded portfolios quickly, while providing market exposure, extending traditional marketing reach, widen repertoires, and encouraging inspired expressions


1: Create


Submit an image of your artwork and place it into one of our many design templates. Or upload your own, original product and advertise on our networks, for free.

FREE Presence. Keep 10% upon sale of our products. When selling your own works, a full 90% will go to you.

Create: Online designer // Your own maker talents & dashboard // Open studio coupons

2: Share


Open a store with your original works and reproductions buyers can find in the marketplace, with hundreds of  advanced-search categories.

FREE Presence. Keep 10% upon sale of our products. When selling your own works, a full 90% will go to you.

Share: Showcase gallery feeds // Social media hooks // Seed in your circles // Printable sales sheets

3: Connect


Use social media features to showcase your works. Share art with friends and prospective customers and take full advantage of our advertising venues.

FREE Presence. Price products at your own discretion.

Connect: Create derivative works // Share elsewhere, online // Invite friends // Forge connections

4: Repeat


Explore next-level marketing visuals by having us customized professional model shots. Learn to produce reproductions on your own by signing up for class.

FREE Presence. Price products at your own discretion.

Repeat: Multiply your work // Make new in-person connections // Come up with products of your own




These value system pillars closely align with the tools we endeavor to provide to our users: innovation, communication, relationships, and practice.

Innovation (Create). We share a common goal and embrace our role in achieving it with a burning desire to succeed; This mission can be realized through new ways of marketing art and creating new audiences.

Communication (Share). Great visuals are stories well told; that story can be told in many ways, through different media. If told well, people get engaged and want to see more, try new products, and tell their friends.

Relationships (Connect). The marketing of art is about relationships with the muchof the power lying between the maker and intended audience. This bond and emotional resonance makes the art work memorable.

Execution (Practice): talent and expertise provide the foundation, while skills and perseverance translate the talent and expertise foundation into action.