Online Designer Tips


Usage Guidelines and Design Criteria

It's best to gather a few images images with common design theme and place them into one folder for easy upload. Just three to five images, when flowed into various product designer templates, can help create an impressive body of work in a short amount of time. Multi-disciplinary artists who produce works with unrelated themes, may consider creating several accounts different User ID. Each additional studio will give the different bodies of work deserved visual weight.

Image Guidelines

  • Saved in RGB colorspace
  • Saved as a JPG or PNG
  • File size limit for online designer of 15 MB,  or upload any larger size  image via Dropbox widget
  • Recommended largest size, in pixels:  7000 px x  7000 px


We place keen attention on aligning your image the way you had envisioned it in the final product, yet you may find that final outputs might vary slightly from the online designer. Should you like for us pay particular attention to a critical alignment, please don't hesitate to contact us with this or any other special requests.

Using the online designer

The online designers let you upload your art or choose one our image library pictures. We can reproduce these on a wide range of products. Among other things, you can position, scale and rotate images to create your own liking. Either create one-off products for immediate purchase or design an entire store, which you can share in different place online. The finalized design with stunningly life-like appearance can be printed as an attractive sales sheet in PDF format, within a minute of being designed.

Create-and-go for anyone

Design a unique product with pictures from our stock photo library or upload your own art. After following the online designer steps below and you are happy with the placement of the art, click ADD TO CART, and proceed to checkout. Check out our tips section with optimal image usage tips, visit our Art Creation Guidelines page here.  Upon completion, find your own product within your own shop, which can be further customized inside of your own artist studio dashboard.

Artists: stock your studio with product

Follow steps outlined in "Create-and-go" in paragraph above. Instead of selecting ADD TO CART, choose the green, PUBLISH TO MY OWN STORE button. Create a store banner within your Studio Settings dashboard, optimally 1035 x 1035 pixels. It will be shown in both Salons catalog page and your own shop. The square open studio image will show in the catalog and the top third of an image shows in the store banner itself.

Key Features

Add an Image

First, select a designer blank product from the CREATE menu or ALL BLANKS button within designer stage. 1. Select a sample image from the image library (such as Neutrals image palette below) or, upload an image from your computer by clicking on the teal brush icon button. 2. Alternatively, connect to your Facebook or Instagram account via menu shown below and add add photos from your Social.






3. Adjust placement by dragging image within the transparent area; drag arrow corner handles to size the image; use curved arrow rotate tool handle to rotate the image; use "X" corner icon to delete the image.

Other icons shown below: Print, Save Image, and Reset.

For example, it's fun playing with the sample wood inlay images to see what designs of your own you might come up with. Below examples show the addition of another icon and final rotation in last picture, of final product.




4. Re-size the image to your liking, then click anywhere  to make the bounding lines disappear.

Showcase it anywhere, online. Mark up the price at your discretion and come back to place the order. We will produce and ship on your behalf.